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“I first met Mike Manesh at a meeting where a number of professionals and philanthropists had come together to create a non-profit organization. He and I were both chosen to be a part of the by-laws committee. I was so impressed with him at the first meeting that I nominated him and he became the chair of the committee. Within a short period of time we had a most targeted and laudable by-laws. As I became aware of his reputation and his achievements, I began recommending him to friends and family with great results and feedback. A year or so later I needed some help on an international trade matter and requested his help. He truly saved me from making a life changing mistake. He is now the only one I think of going to in areas of his expertise, which are multiple. As an academician, I make judgments based on facts and not mere perceptions. It is with that in mind that I most strongly recommend Mr. Manesh to all who are in need of his services. In my opinion, his knowledge, skills, creativity, trustworthiness and unceasing commitment to results makes him an easy professional to recommend.”

Maurice Rahimi, PHD

“I worked with Mike for many years both as an employee and contractor and always admired both his drive to achieve and maintain top level knowledge of the law he practices and his care for the well being of his clients.” 

Suzanne Forman
Paralegal (Corporate, Real Estate, Securities and Litigation)

“Mike Manesh is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to understand you and your needs before creating your will and trust. More importantly Mike explains the details in non-legal terms which makes everything easier. When seeking an Estate Planning Attorney, Mike is exceptional. Your will and trust are just for you, not cookie cutter.” 

Daniel Y